Seeking a Million Urban Farmers

A world full of millions of urban farmers would be a beautiful thing, don’t you think? Raised BedsJust imagine every yard full of sustainable landscapes, edible gardens, and natural habitats for local species. Imagine if everyone cared about the populations of local insects and animals as much as they cared about the latest iPhone. Imagine communities that share abundances of local produce, eggs, honey, and fruit. It sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? As utopian as it may sound, it’s not that wild an idea, and after the earth-shaking changes brought on by the global health pandemic, people are beginning to take to the idea more than ever.

These imaginings encapsulate the Million Urban Farmers campaign. The San Diego Seed Company has been promoting this idea for several years now. The idea did not start off fully formed as a clear, well defined goal. Instead, it has slowly developed and solidified. The goal today, put simply, is to inspire, educate and support growers of all levels as they tend to growing spaces of all sizes. By inspiring those who may have never grown anything in their life, the SDSC team launches new growers on a beautiful journey of becoming seasoned gardeners, doing this by educating people who wish to feed their families and friends with delicious, homegrown, organic produce. New gardeners become engaged through offered seminars and classes, each of which teaches the humbling, wise endeavor of growing food. Helpful informational resources are published to the Learn area of the SDSC website.

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Read more about the Million Urban Farmers movement, and how you too can help spread the word and work towards regaining your food sovereignty, on the San Diego Seed Company website.

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The Lofty Goal of a Million Urban Farmers

The goal has never been more clear: to inspire a million urban farmers who will help shape the communities of tomorrow by integrating local food production into their homes and schools, thereby shaping the food policies of their locale. Yes, the idea is simple, involving foods that are produced, shared, and enjoyed right in the community where it is grown. By being directly involved in the growing of their own produce, people can lower their dependence on big agribusiness, reduce the amount of fossil fuel used to produce food, and reclaim the simple reverence of dealing with homegrown produce (an idea which had been misplaced). San Diego Seed Company hopes to play an integral role in creating a future which builds cities around community gardens, even as we guide every child to learn how to grow their own food. Let’s all work towards seeing to a future in which farmers are recognized as an integral part of the community, with locally grown food that is shared and properly appreciated.

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