Seed Chat Rules

Seed Chat
Find here the rules of the seed chat.

The primary rule: remain friendly and respectful when posting, stay on topic, and have fun. Please adhere to the golden rule, treating others as you would want to have them treat you. Keep in mind that within a chat room, we rely on simple text in order to convey ideas, and cannot view facial expressions or hear tones of voice, so it is especially important to choose your words carefully.

When asking a question, please state your question clearly and specifically, providing relevant details. Saying something like “I need help” or “I have a question” without providing details? That probably won’t get you a response. Remember, people are not mind readers, their time is valuable, and they can’t help you unless they understand what it is you’re asking. And do give people some time to provide an answer; patience is a virtue.

Illegal activity of any kind — including (but not limited to) warez, child-porn, sedition, harassment, drug trafficking, nuking, spiking, flooding, excessive pinging or any activity designed to disconnect a user from his/her services or intended to deny them service — is prohibited.

The seed chat page is not intended to be used by bots. Silicon Valley Seeds would very much like to see the chat page being used by humans wishing to chat with other humans, so we will take measures to dissuade bots from interacting with the page.

Typing in all UPPERCASE letters is interpreted as yelling. It tends to be disruptive to the normal flow of discussion. Please avoid the large scale use of uppercase text.

The use of ASCII art can be annoying. Please avoid the use of ASCII art on the seed chat page.

The seed chat page is meant to be for discussions that are had in English. While we appreciate the use of other languages, members who post to this page are asked to do so in English. The whole point of this chat area is to encourage the exchange of information; it makes no sense for a user to offer information using a language that large numbers of users aren’t able to read.

The seed chat page is not to be used as a dating service, nor is it to be seen as a place to pick up a boy/girl friend. Any such activities will result in the banning of all parties engaging in them.

Discussions of drugs will not be tolerated on the seed chat page. Any such posts will be removed and the member who posted it will be banned from posting.

Explicit content of any kind will not be allowed on the seed chat page. Any post found to be sex-themed or designed to serve prurient interests will be removed, and the member who posted it will be banned from posting.

While posting offers to exchange items is permitted, advertising the sale of items is not. Any commercial advertisements will be removed.

We reserve the right to impose case-by-case restrictions. While we will try to be lenient in our enforcement of rules, it must be understood that this page is designed to be of benefit to gardeners and seed stewards of all ages, that Silicon Valley Seeds will act as the ultimate arbiter of member activities on this page, and that a rule does not have to be pre-specified in order to be enforced. Understand that we will always inform a member who is denied the ability to post to this page exactly why he/she is being blocked.

If you have any questions regarding any of the rules specified above, please send us an email.