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No cost. Registered learners are given access to the full range of materials made available on our website, including pdf versions of the slides we present in our classes and additional information within our crop pages (popular meal and preservation recipes, instructional videos, and more). In addition, registered learners are granted the ability to share comments and take part in discussions within the pages of our website. Oh, and learner members also receive an invite to attend our twice-a-year seed swaps — one which takes place in the spring (March) and the other in the fall (September).

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(Coming Soon) $16 a year. Registered growers enjoy all the benefits of a Silicon Valley Seeds learner, but with the added benefit of having access to our online SaLSA seed library system. All of the seed in question comes from trusted sources (either a company specializing in organic garden seed or a vetted local seed guardian), and all shared seed is known to have been harvested within the recognized “good viability” time window published by Seed Savers Exchange for that particular seed.

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Seed Guardians are serious growers who have shown themselves to be knowledgeable, capable seed stewards. Additionally, guardians are engaged, active participants in various seed education activities. Seed Guardians are invited to participate in periodic in-depth teachings and/or discussions on advanced gardening, seed stewardship, and food preservation topics. Guardians are also invited to attend the yearly Silicon Valley Seeds Seed Guardian Potluck. Unlike the other membership levels, participation as a guardian is by invitation only. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Silicon Valley Seeds seed guardian, please contact us.