tender perennial

A tender perennial is one which is unable to survive the winter in a given particular growing zone unless given special protection or treatment, but which will, in its native habit, continue to live for more than 2 years. In growing zones where winter temperatures are lethal to the plant, it may be either treated as an annual (grown and enjoyed for a single season) or, alternatively, provided protection or treatment to mimic the conditions of the plant’s native habitat, to allow it to survive through the winter(s) into the following growing season(s). Examples of treatments to allow a tender perennial to survive include being heavily mulched, covered, and/or wrapped, being dug up and stored until being sprouted or vegetatively propagated in late winter or early spring (such as saving Belgian endive roots for chicons, saving sweet potatoes and producing slips from the roots, or taking cuttings from certain varieties of herbs in order to grow them in containers).