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This Giving Tuesday

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The shelter-in-place and social distancing measures implemented recently to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus serve as a stark reminder of what it is that’s truly important, and of the needs which lie at the core of what we and our loved ones require to get thru the day: namely, fresh food on our plates, clean water in our glasses, and a roof over our heads.
Now ask yourself, if for some reason a disruption in the food supply chain were to occur, what would you do? What could you do?
We here at Silicon Valley Seeds are busy providing an answer to that question by encouraging people to grow their own food. Our organization teaches residents of Silicon Valley why it’s important to steward seeds and grow food organically. We offer instruction on how to create a sustainable garden, how to use the things grown to prepare the food folks love to eat, and how to preserve the abundance of a harvest through the use of hot water bath and pressure canning. Perhaps most importantly, we encourage and facilitate the growing, saving, and sharing of heirloom seed.
Won’t you help?

The Focus of Silicon Valley Seeds

Growing a Demo Garden

At the core of our various activities is our demonstration garden, where we grow not only veggies but also seed used for planting in future seasons (a good chunk of which goes towards supporting our local seed library branches). Associated costs include soil, amendments, trellising materials, fertilizers, hoses, tools, etc.

Teaching Classes

We offer classes and talks at various venues, including libraries, companies, schools, and local events. Class topics include organic gardening, seed stewardship, food preservation, and food sovereignty. Associated costs include advertising, handouts, demonstration materials, prep time, transportation, etc.

Building Community

We work to foster a strong gardening community through our hosting of seed swaps, garden work parties, volunteer opportunities, and potluck gatherings. Our geographic area of interest is Santa Clara county. Associated costs include advertising, organizing, hosting, etc.

Hosting Seed Swaps

We host two annual seed swaps, one in the spring and one in the fall. At these events we not only supply solid starting seed to gardeners, we also work to support those who are new to gardening and encourage junior gardeners in our midst. Associated costs include advertising, organizing, shipping of seed, envelopes, food, etc.

Announcing Events

The event calendar corner of our website contains events of interest to those who garden. We are constantly working at keeping the calendar up to date with current events, and we are constantly working to find new sources of event information.

Providing Online Resources

We have centralized a host of online resources, including a section summarizing what gardeners in USDA plant hardiness zone 9b, the zone most gardeners in the south bay find themselves in. We continue to work to make vetted information available.

Supporters Say

Join Us In Seeing To Self Sufficiency...

K. Simon
"I love attending the Annual Seed Swap! The event brings together so many gardeners from all over the Bay Area to connect and share stories / experiences / seeds. I am always amazed by the new varieties available and the generosity of the community. Thank you for keeping the community growing."

K. Simon

Taylor Street Farm
G. Hendrick
"The seed swaps put on by Silicon Valley Seeds are always fun events for both new and seasoned gardeners. They do a fantastic job teaching on sustainability and seed saving. Keep up the good work!"

G. Hendrick

Gardening Enthusiast
B. Adams-McCann
"Participating in local seed swaps is fun, informative and enlightening. I've met so many gardening neighbors this way, and we are all able to exchange not only seed but knowledge and gardening tips, as well as get to know each other's favorite plants: what to grow and what not to grow."

B. Adams-McCann

Santa Clara City Library

Funding is Key

How Funds Are Used...

Money raised is used in the following ways:

  • To see to the development and expansion of our seed exchange and seed library programs.
  • To offset expenses related to classroom presentations and demonstrations.
  • For the support and maintenance of our demonstration garden.
  • For the running of programs like our summer youth garden day camp.
  • To cover general office and web expenses.

And yes, every dollar helps...

Silicon Valley Seeds

Founded in 2017, Silicon Valley Seeds is changing the relationship people have with their food and with the seeds they steward. We serve as an educational touchstone within the south bay, working with local companies, schools, libraries, farms, and gardens to bring an understanding of the miracle contained within each and every seed.