Volunteer with Silicon Valley Seeds to help us grow. We appreciate any and all offers of support, in whatever form that support takes. Yes, our success is to be found in the education of area gardeners, but that can only happen when the soil has been properly prepared, which is to say when the “behind the scenes” work gets done.

For a current list of the Silicon Valley Seeds key volunteer openings, please visit our Open Volunteer Positions page.

Please consider joining with Silicon Valley Seeds in stewarding precious heirloom seeds and building a sustainable Seed Shed for the Santa Clara Valley. Your desire to devote volunteer hours to our projects is greatly appreciated, and we have a good many tasks that need seeing to.

Volunteer with Silicon Valley Seeds

Opportunities to Volunteer with Silicon Valley Seeds

Many volunteer opportunities exist in a variety of different areas. These include:

  • The demonstration garden: We have a good many hands-in-the-dirt tasks that need to be done in our demonstration garden, including seeding, planting, watering, amending soil, weeding, tending, and harvesting. In addition to dealing with the
    veggies produced, there is also the seed portion of the equation, including harvesting and cleaning of seed, isolation mechanisms to prevent crossing, etc. This provides a hands-on opportunity that gives volunteers solid organic gardening and seed saving skills.
  • The seed library: We have a variety of opportunities which pertain to seeds, including packing, processing, distributing, maintaining stock, ordering, data entry, helping with library tabling events, etc.
  • Opportunities for office work: There’s a ton to do, including social networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), fundraising, computer related tasks, writing, all of which will gain you work experience.
  • Strategize with us: We are very interested in and welcome help from experienced professionals who would like to volunteer their time assisting with ideas on how to move our programs forward.
  • Keep our calendar updated: While we constantly keep our ear to the ground to try to glean what’s going on within various south bay garden communities, it remains a bit of a challenge. If you know of something that should be placed on the events calendar, please let us know about it.

Support our calendaring efforts

So volunteer with Silicon Valley Seeds today to help us grow! Simply drop us an email with a sentence or two about your interest(s) and we’ll get back with you in short order. We look forward to working with you…