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Silicon Valley Seeds appreciates any and all offers of support, in whatever form that support might take. Yes, our success is to be found in the understanding of our gardeners, but that can only happen when the soil has been properly prepared, which is to say when the “behind the scenes” work gets done.

Monetary Donation

Silicon Valley Seeds is funded entirely by donations and grants. The continued support of folks like you help us to cover ongoing expenses, as well as see to the growth of our community gardening efforts and our educational activities. Please consider helping Silicon Valley Seeds with a tax deductible monetary gift.

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Donation Total: $25

Keep Us Informed

Support our calendaring effortsWhile we constantly keep our ear to the ground to try to glean what’s going on within various south bay garden communities, it remains a bit of a challenge. If you know of something that should be placed on the events calendar, please drop us a note about it.

Lend a Hand in the Garden

Growing plants require constant care and attention. Our community garden startup is no exception. If you’re able to lend a hand, please let us know.