About Us

Looking to learn about Silicon Valley Seeds? What we are up to? Why we do what we do? How you can get involved? These are all very good questions which we try to answer here…

Mission Statement

What is it about Silicon Valley Seeds that can help folks grow food and live more sustainably? Well, the purpose of our group can be summed up in the following handful of activities, each of which we encourage and support:

  • The growing of plants from open pollinated seed;
  • Saving and swapping seed, especially those harvested from locally grown organic plants;
  • Seeing to the success of local seed libraries and seed banks;
  • Raising awareness of the need for biodiversity within the plants which produce our food;
  • Teaching and employing organic methods to promote vibrant plant growth as well as the control of pests;
  • Enjoying the preparation and consumption of delicious, locally grown, healthful organic foods;
  • Informing those within our community about the benefits of employing sustainable living practices;

Who We Are

Silicon Valley Seeds is all about community. We are gardeners, farmers, plant lovers, and educators. People who marvel at the miracles contained in each and every seed. A community of growers and teachers, people who enjoy spreading the news about what’s going on in gardens throughout this valley, people who love to eat and learn and share. People who enjoy hanging out with their rakes, shovels, and chickens. In short, people who recognize the value to be found in our seed stories.

Current Programs

We partition our various activities into distinct “programs” in order to facilitate the seeking of grant funds and the tracking (and reporting) of progress. Programs vary, both in terms of duration and scope.

We are currently working on the following:

  • Making people aware of our organization — who we are and what we bring to the table.
  • Getting our new garden site up and running. Once construction work along the San Tomas corridor tapers off, we’ll be able to really get going; for now, we’re laying the groundwork and planting a nice cover crop for the winter months.
  • Setting up periodic community seed exchanges.
  • Establishing a set of classes for new gardeners and people interested in learning food preservation techniques.

Getting Involved

Help Wanted - learn about Silicon Valley SeedsSilicon Valley Seeds offers a variety of ways for people to get involved in our various activities. Working in the garden gives folks an opportunity to dig in the dirt, beautifying a very noticeable area of our community by growing delicious, nutritious vegetables and herbs. Taking classes about living in sustainable ways provides a great way to meet up with neighbors who share in similar interests.