Silicon Valley Seeds

Seed SproutingWelcome to Silicon Valley Seeds, an organization dedicated to instilling, encouraging, and enhancing the personal seed stewardship and food sovereignty of the people living in Silicon Valley. We hope to be instrumental in keeping South Bay residents informed about what’s taking place within the gardening community, especially those things happening here locally.

Our focus is quite simple.

  • We encourage the saving and sharing of seed as a means of sustaining a healthy level of biodiversity within the plants in our local gardens. We also work in support of local seed libraries and seed banks.
  • We provide information and training necessary to grow common fruit and vegetable plants within Silicon Valley communities. The plants we encourage people to grow are those whose chance of cross-pollination is small and whose seed is easy to collect and save. Which is simply to say organic, open pollinated plants.
  • We promote food sovereignty and the notion of personal nutrition awareness. We hope to see this leading to an increase in the availability and use of locally grown seed, the culinary enjoyment of the resulting produce, and the promotion of local adaptations within our plants.

To learn more about Silicon Valley Seeds, please visit our about us page.